Paklite was established in 1960 when ex South African founder Felix Vogelnest started manufacturing softside luggage overseas in his garage in Sydney Australia. The name ‘Paklite’ still symbolises the way the average person travels today.

Paklite has a proud heritage and continues to be a brand at the leading edge of the luggage market, being one of the longest-established luggage brands.

This iconic international brand has continued to be manufactured in China for the past 30 years. To this day Paklite is still designed by Paklites’ designers resident in South Africa and Australia. Our QA team oversee production and maintain our commitment to high standards of quality, technology and ongoing innovation.

Our philosophy remains the same today as it was in the beginning.
“To produce a range of quality luggage and travel goods that offers the best value for money to the end consumer”.


Quality is the major focus of our manufacturing process. All components, materials and accessories are tested with strict quality control measures before, during, and after the manufacturing stage.

All zippers, fabrics, wheels, trolley systems and components are put through stringent testing prior to production. Tests include tensile tests, puncture and tear tests, component fatigue tests and drop tests among others. All aimed at ensuring that the final product stands up to the rigours of modern airline travel.

Strict QC standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process to ensure that stitching, riveting, framing and other processes are carried out to Paklites’ exacting standards.