Paklite do not provide a key for TSA locks, they are not required. The keyhole is for TSA officers to inspect your luggage if required.

Please note the factory default code is set to ‘000’, make sure your combination lock is set to 000 to initially access your case, TSA lock instructions are located inside.

The only solution to finding the combination is to scroll through the combinations. Perhaps start with the most logical 1st digit you may have previously selected and progress to every possible 3 digit combination. If you can’t remember, work your way through all the combinations starting at 000 and continue to 999. The estimated time to complete the whole task should take approximately 30 mins.

A good tip would be to record your combination code prior to storing your case between trips.

All warranty claims must be accompanied by a proof of purchase (printed register receipt). Simply return your item to the original place of purchase. The vendor will contact Paklite for a return authorisation and then send your item away to be inspected under the warranty agreement. Once your item is inspected and repaired, it will be returned to the store and will be available for collection.

Yes you can. Paklite has authorised repairers established in most capitals. For a small fee (dependant on the extent of the repair) most repairs can be carried out. Paklite will be able to direct you to a repair centre where they will have parts and accessories to conduct the required work. To arrange a quote for repair contact your nearest Paklite office for assistance.

Please note: On some older models spare parts may not be available as only a limited number of parts remain available once items are superseded or hardware is updated. If specific parts are not available Paklite will not be held accountable.

Warranty claims must be conducted via the original vendor. Paklite reserves the right to deny warranty service without the original sales receipt.

Unfortunately as third party damage is not covered under warranty you should contact the carrier as soon as possible to report the damage. Have all details of the incident ready so that a claim can be lodged with the carrier. If you have travel insurance you will be covered for damage to your luggage.

Apart from the obvious advantages of being covered for trip cancelations and medical emergency, travel insurance can also cover you against luggage damage. Theft, damage and loss of luggage can happen to any traveller on any route. Any good travel insurance policy should cover your luggage against these occurrences. refer to the individual policy before making a decision on the insurance provider. Did you know some credit cards provide travel insurance, contact your credit card provider and check the terms & conditions.

As all airlines around the world have different allowances and weight regulations. We recommend that you check these regulations with the airline prior to departure. The basic restriction relates to the fact that the luggage needs to fit in an aircraft storage locker or under a seat.

Paklite recommends that you check with your airline or travel agent prior to departure regarding the total allowable weight and dimensions for checked luggage. These allowances will depend on the type of fare purchased, the class of travel, and the type of aircraft. Restrictions also apply to the total dimensions and weight for individual items.

Excess Baggage & Overweight Baggage: Most airlines will apply a charge for baggage carried in excess of their standard allowance.